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Get the Best Possible Price for a Tow With Rapid Towing! We Service all of San Antonio and surrounding areas!​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Our Mission: Here at Rapid Towing our goal is to provide honest, safe, reliable, and dependable services to all our customers.  ​​​​​​​

Let me guess what happened, you were driving down the road and you either got a flat tire, engine light come on, over heating occurred, or you just cant start your car and you need it brought to the nearest or local repair shop. These are the common reasons why some one would need a tow truck. It could be that you need roadside services and gas brought to you but that is not the normal and just an FYI we do not deliver gas. Help with changing a tire yes! The good news is at Rapid Towing we can assist you with all of this!

Allow us to help you make the annoying car troubles disappear for you and help you get your car to a repair shop or back to running again. See we here at Rapid Towing are a family owned company and we know how much this inconvenience can set you back in money and we are not here to take advantage of you in the prices.  We are people also and want you to be as much at peace as possible.

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We are grateful for you taking the time to call us and find our site. We know that at Rapid Towing if it wasn’t for you call us we would not be in business. We don’t take that for granted and want you to be able to love our service and use us again and recommend us as the best towing company in San Antonio and the surrounding area.

We love San Antonio and want to make San Antonio proud of us as the best towing company in San Antonio. We want you to use us as the preferred Tow Truck company in San Antonio and we feel that this will happen as you deal with us and see that our customer service is awesome and doing what we say we will do. Making your towing needs as stress less as possible.

If you have a truck, car, van or motorcycle we can tow you wherever it is that you need to be towed to. If you need us to come to of town to pick you up and tow you back to town or vise versa we can. Just know that we for financial reasons will charge half of the tow price upfront over the phone so we do not waste our time driving to far locations to get stuck with you changing your mind.

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No one likes to be taken advantage of in prices or business, not even us. That is why we do that to cover some of the cost. Some people ask well how do we pay if the tow is needed unexpectedly. The answer is if you do not have cash on you we can charge your debit card or credit card over the phone or in person.  

With technology these days we can take payments on the app called square. They will take all major credit cards and also some gift cards. In the future you will be able to pay us with crypto currency. Now that’s pretty cool to be coming soon the ability to pay with Coinbase and crypto currency.   

Let us talk for a little on here. We at Rapid Towing want to say that we know we are in San Antonio and we love the city and everything that happens here. We have the Spurs and support them. We have the Rodeo and all that goes along with that. We have Fiesta and all the festivities that come with Fiesta. The River Walk is a bonus here also but not to forget the history that we also have. The Alamo and all the other Military bases here in San Antonio.

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We are called Military City USA and that we are proud of also. We might even give a Military discount if you ask for it. What does it hurt to mention you are military and see if we have a discount to apply to your total? What is common in all of these is that people come and visit San Antonio and that no one is immune to car problems or truck problems.

We all might have to deal with this at some point in the future. The good news is you have us and we are grateful for this and proud that you are choosing to call us and then use us as your official tow truck company. Thank you for reading up to this point and wanting to use us. As a note we should discuss some issues that we can run into here in SA. The first one is flash flooding.

We also have crazy rushing water above ground that can cause your car to be washed away. This will at some point require a tow truck to free your car, truck or van from where it ended up. You might even need saving with your car due to the weather causing you to ge stuck in the mud. Please warn us on the phone so we know what is the best truck to send you.

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This is very important. If we show up to do a tow and you end up not using us we will still charge 50 percent of the quoted rate. It is not our fault if we show up and the situation was not correctly portrayed and the wrong truck is there. We do not mean to be mean by this. What it comes down to is we are a business and coming to you with no tow to do we just wasted our time and money.

If you are ready to make and take the next step in the right direction you can call now our number xxx-xxx-xxxx or fill in the contact form so you have us call or email you back to set up a tow. We aim to have a smooth call to where we can help you and hopefully relieve some of the stress in your stressful situation.

Also just a quick helpful something you should know about us. We know some of the best places to get your car or truck taken care of for the best prices in San Antonio. If you need help with a place and want a recommendation do not feel bad for asking. That is what we are here to do. We want to help you!  

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